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Scribed by: CB Ash in Red Lightning

As you might expect this is the end of the story “Red Lighting”. I hope you enjoyed reading the tale as much as I enjoyed crafting it for any to read. There will be a concise version bound in a lovely “PDF” format that will include an Epliogue that can only be found in the PDF version.

However, as you might suspect, this is not the end of the story for the Brass Griffin and her crew. The next installment is entitled “A Children’s Tale”, of which there is a preview of below. It is still in draft but is nearing completion very quickly. Now without further delay, a preview of “A Children’s Tale” …

“Down!” Moira shouted before ducking below deck.

A moment later the whine of steambat engines turned to an angry buzz. From two long nozzles attached to hoses on the wings erupted blue white bolts of lighting, guided by streams of high pressure water jets. The electrified stream scoured the deck and snow, tearing a pair of lines into whatever they touched. Nearly singed in the process, Captain Hunter threw himself across the children to protect them. Bits of wood and brass exploded from the wreck and rained down in all directions. Snow vaporized in whitish clouds of fog before it condensed back to snow. Finally the biplanes tore by overhead, passed beyond the wreck and climbed above the trees towards the clouds again.

Hunter eased up slowly, taking deep breaths to steady his voice. He had been shot at countless times when he served in the Royal Navy, but one never grew used to such an experience. Adrenaline tempered his nerves, and after a second breath he looked down at the terrified children.

“Both ok?”

He was rewarded by a pair of nodding, grimy faces drawn with lines of hunger and fear. From the hatch, William’s panic-white face peered over the edge and looked skyward. Behind him, O’Fallon had already drawn a pistol and true to his nature, looked for a chance to soothe his anger. Moira however, was not within sight.

“Good, now a brief introduction, I’m Captain Anthony Hunter of the Brass Griffin and this is my crew. We’re here to help.”

Immediately, the children screamed again.

… to be continued in “A Children’s Tale”

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I’ve followed your story since the second chapter and I look forward to reading “A Children’s Tale”.

February 4th, 2009 at 1:40 am

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