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Commentary: An unexpected tragedy

Scribed by: CB Ash | Just joining us? Dead Men's Tales starts here! Most recent, here!

To all my readers,

I wish to beg understanding and forgiveness for this delay.

My grandmother, all of 90 years young, suffered a major stroke. This stroke has robbed her of the part of her brain that controls speech, and much of the part of her brain that handles the ability to swallow.

I will be taking some steps along a very difficult road – one that will require some very hard choices to find the right thing to do.

However, be that said, you have my very solemn promise that the Tales will continue. The next proper episode will be available on Oct 31, and the schedule will resume as normal.

Again, my apologies and my humble thanks for understanding.

Thanks ever so much for reading.. and I will see everyone in a week.

C B Ash