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Scribed by: CB Ash | Just joining us? Dead Men's Tales starts here! Most recent, here!

And that would be the end of “Dead Men’s Tales”. I hope everyone enjoyed it! It was a very fun story to put together, and by far the longest!

While not every location in “Dead Men’s Tales” really exists – much to my own dismay – some of places I use actually do. One would be the “World’s End Tavern”, of which there happens to be several! Of course there is the famous Culloden Moor which, I might add, is a great place to visit and reflect. However, when I was last there it was in November! Not exactly the warmest month of the year to make that trip!

In any case, thank you kindly for reading. Also, like always, the bound version whether it is in PDF format, Kindle or printed, will contain the Epilogue! Which answers some lingering questions and poses a few more for the future of the Brass Griffin and her crew.

Just a sidenote, due to the holidays being on me, I’m going to take an extra week before I start the next story entitled “The Seventh Knife”.

So check back on January 8th, for the prompt start of “The Seventh Knife”! And until then, I hope everyone here has a Happy Holidays, and a fantastic, adventure-filled New Year!